Beds, Carpets & Sofas can be the ideal home for Dirt, Dust, and Bugs.

Maintain your living room furniture and carpet in attractive shape. Stain removal and carpet cleaning services are now available through us.

At Sarikh Building Cleaning Services, we focus to deliver high-quality and reliable cleaning services to our customers at an affordable price.

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How we work!

Step 1

Dry Vacuuming. We start from removal of debris and particles that cling at the outer surface of the material or fabric.

Step 2

Deep-Cleaning. Using our high-quality sofa cleaning machine, dirt build-up deep inside the sofa is pulled out with the use of water being processed by the machine.

Step 3

Shampooing: Spraying the shampoo into the entire sofa in a delicate procedure using the machine.

Step 4

Manual Scrubbing. We make sure that no dirt stays in the fabric, hence, surfaces are brushed gently to thoroughly remove any remaining dirt. We only use soft-bristled brush so not to damage the material.

Step 5

Removing Stain. Re-checking for any present stain is very important. We make sure all stains are removed. We use stain remover on the stained spot, if there is.

Step 6

Wet Vacuuming Cleansing and removing the applied shampoo properly in the entire sofa using a vacuum.

Step 7

Re-cleansing. Repeating the process of spraying and vacuuming water in the entire fabric as necessary using the machine until shampoo is completely cleansed and water is totally absorbed by the machine to avoid unwanted smell to stay in the upholstery once fabric is dry.

Step 8

Applying Steam. Using a steam machine to refresh the newly-cleaned upholstery, steam is applied at the surface to deodorize, sanitize, and refresh your entire sofa.

Step 9

Disinfecting. Using our ULV fogging machine, we spray the entire sofa surface with trusted and eco-friendly disinfectant, making sure your upholstery is disinfected.

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Sarikh Building Cleaning Services undertake responsible residential and commercial cleanings on daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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